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We've been thinking

Jo and I have been giving a great deal of thought as to what we think might be the best move for DG as a game. Our original intention was to put together a small group of mature writers with a real affection and interest in the subject, provide a general, but not overly structured setting and let them go about their writing at a good pace with as little maintenance on our part as mods.

In all of those particular intentions, we've succeeded. The writers here are all talented and have a clear interest in the characters and the world. However, we're coming to the conclusion that our other intentions are working against us in terms of DG being an energetic and consistently progressive game. With such a small cast, we're feeling that the potential for interaction is limited, and as far as progression of plot, we could either continue in a more hands-off manner as we have been (which has resulted in very little progression) or we could become more hands-on and proactive (an approach which we know might rub some players the wrong way, and would require more time and attention that we typically have to apply to the game).

This post is open for comment, as we'd like to get your, the writers', feedback on the subject, but we are strongly leaning towards closing the doors on the comm. There has been some great and creative work done, but DG just doesn't seem to have the life we were hoping it would.
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